Windows 10 does not accept my password in Safe Mode and I can not disable Safe Mode!!!

/ June 23, 2019/ Windows

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2019)

I had the brilliant idea to enable Safe Mode in my PC using msconfig.exe -> boot -> safe mode option. It didn’t go well. I Was kicked out from my account because it is an ONLINE account and of course I wasn’t able to disable Safe Mode.

I can fix this

After a lot of time searching Windows 10 does not recognize my password and a lot of useless “reset your Microsoft password” I found that there is a way to disable Safe Boot using the command line:

 bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot 

I still was able to access my PC using a non-admin local account so I give it a try just to be asked to put my administrator credentials (which even with internet connection was not detected).

As Admin all is better

So I need to use CMD with admin rights but I can not log into my admin account, yeah that was a good feeling. Luckily there is a way to open an elevated CMD instance and this are the steps:

  1. Create a bootable USB using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool
  2. Boot your PC using your new bootable USB
  3. Wait until the Windows Setup screen comes and press Shift + F10
  4. Run bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
  5. In case it doesn’t work, try with bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot
  6. You will see a message like “The operation completed successfully”
  7. Profit.

How to prevent this problem in the future?

If you like me are using an Outlook/Hotmail/Microsoft account as your user in Windows then you can activate the default Administrator User that comes with all Windows 10 installs. Just open Computer Management in windows, go to Local Users and Groups, then right click on the account named “Administrator” . Select Properties and uncheck Account is disabled:

Activate Administrator Account in Windows 10
Activate Administrator Account in Windows 10

Of course you can also set a password if you need that extra layer of protection. Just please do not forget it!!!!


Note: The “This is fine” Meme is part of a comic from KC Green

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4 years ago

Everything sounds good but how do you create a bootable USB without having access to my laptop. I dont have another windows 10 computer at home and the windows 10 creation tool doesnt run on my wife’s old laptop. Thanks for your help!