Saninn Salas

Peruvian Music Producer - Audio Technician - Web Developer

My stuff.

Recording Studio Bowie Records

Bowie Records

peruvian recording studio

Located in the north part of the capital city Lima. Bowie Records was founded by me in Perú. These days it is operated under new management.

Musica y Sonido

Música y Sonido

music and audio related website

Written mostly in Spanish; several authors give tutorials, analysis and audio test. Open debates and contributions (in any language) are welcome.

The RedRojo Music and Ozz

TRM and Ozz

personal music projects

"Ozz" and "The RedRojo Music". Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by me in Bowie Records facilities and my personal project studio.

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Software development


free, well with some ads

Stuff I do to learn, for fun or to help a friend or a family member. Maybe one of this will help you!

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Mods SmfSimple for Smf Forums

SMF Simple

modifications for smf forums

It's because of Simple Machines Forum that I knew PHP, here mostly my friend and I make some mods for it!

Website Pregunten.Net


audio/programming questions

I created this site to answer questions from my students, because I understood that teaching is the best way to learn.




The Redrojo Music

  • TRISTEZZA (EP) - 2014
  • Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by: Saninn Salas
  • Recording assistant: Bryam Morales
  • Saninn Salas:
    • Voices, guitars, main bass, synths, drum programming
    • Cover photography ("Schillingsfürst")
  • José Ruiz:
    • Graphic art, backvoices, drum seqs
  • Jean Sanchez:
    • Bass

All songs written by Saninn Salas


  • Rosas Sin Sangre - 2010
  • Produced by José Inoñan and Saninn Salas
  • Recording assistant: Saninn Salas
  • Saninn Salas:
    • Voices, guitars, strings, main bass, synths, drum programming
  • José Inoñan:
    • Bass and programming

All songs written by Saninn Salas


videoclips and fan made live clips



Music and Audio Production

A little bit of my work as audio technician and music producer includes:

  • Angel Claudio Volver a Intentar (2015)
    • - Service: Musical Production, full recording, instrument arrangement, mixing, master.
    • - Instruments: Guitars, keyboards, drums programming.
  • Toño López y los Vintash Intentemos (2015)
    • - Service: Musical Production, recording, musician's guidance, mixing, master.
    • - Instruments: Guitars, keyboards, drums programming.
  • Irinum El origen de la R-evolución (2016)
    • - Service: Musical Production, recording, musician's guidance, mixing, master..
    • - Instruments: Guitars.

Live Audio Recording

Working in location

Voice Over

I have made voice overs for several companies, like this one:


As for programming, web frameworks and that kind of stuff, I know a little bit of:

HTML5 & CSS & Javascript

I'm a www addict.


The most used framework for responsive sites, yeap!


Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, SMF...


echo 'almost all my sites are in apache hostings!';

Visual Basic

Well, this is the easy one!


When I need something, I learn it!

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